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Our barrels hold several World Shooting Records in the various shooting disciplines.

We have a complete gunsmithing shop and can rebarrel your action, with a Hart barrel, chamber, lap the lugs, square the action, crown, and contour in many calibers: 20, 22, 22 Rim Fire, .243, 25, .50, .264, .270, .284, .30, .338, 35 Learn More

Custom Barrels & Contours
Caliber and Twist Barrel Tapers

We are now offering AR-15 barrels in a variety of forms to meet your individual needs. Learn More

Other Services
From stock work to Teflon coating, we offer a wide range of gunsmithing services. Learn More

Installing barrel on customer's action. Includes price of barrel, squaring action and lapping lugs. Please specify contour and barrel length. Prices for 1.250" OD & under.

Standard bolt Action/Anschutz/Single Shot *Plus Shipping

Ruger 10-22 Drop-in barrels

* Plus shipping
* $8.00 charge per hole for drilling for scope block holes.
* Additional gunsmithing services available at hourly shop rate of $45/hour.

Please note we DO NOT sell actions. You must supply us with an action for all rebarreling jobs, except the Ruger 10-22 Drop-in.

Please ship your action UPS or PP.

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