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Hart Rifle Barrels are produced with only the highest grade of stainless steel. We only make one grade of barrel. We do not sell a second best!

Custom Barrels & Contours
Caliber and Twist Barrel Tapers

We are now offering AR-15 barrels in a variety of forms to meet your individual needs. Learn More

We have a complete gunsmithing shop and can rebarrel your action, with a Hart barrel, chamber, lap the lugs, square the action, crown, and contour in many calibers: 20, 22, 22 Rim Fire, .243, 25, .50, .50, .264, .270, .284, .30, .338, 35 Learn More

Other Services
From stock work to Teflon coating, we offer a wide range of gunsmithing services. Learn More

Hart Rifle Barrels, Inc. Introduces AR-15 Barrels.

We are now offering AR-15 barrels in a variety of forms to meet your individual needs. It is important that you specify your requirements and know the rules for the competition in which you plan to compete. You may use different front and rear sights, longer and heavier barrels, and a tubular forearm, but these rifles would not be legal for DCM Service Rifle categories.

Our AR-15 barrels are made from the same 416R Stainless Steel we make our other custom barrels in, to the same guaranteed tolerance. You can have up to a 1.00" OD under the handguard. Barrel lengths up to 30". All of our standard twist rates for .224 caliber barrels are available.

When ordering please specify twist rate, barrel length, diameter under the hand rail, gas block interior dimension, and muzzle diameter.

AR - 15 Prices and Services

Basic barrel contoured to your specification
Unchambered, no gas port, unthreaded

+ Shipping
Gunsmith's Special AR-15
Unchambered, with gas port; indexing pin and barrel extension included

+ Shipping
Ready to install on your upper
Finish chambered, headspaced, barrel extension, gas port. This is ready to be assembled by you to your upper. We require your bolt to properly headspace.

Fluting - 6 flutes

Bead Blast Finish

Turn Barrel Band for Front Sight

Thread For Flash Suppressor

Gas Tube

When ordering please provide us with the following information

Twist Rate ____________
A - Overall Barrel Length ____________
B - OD under hand rail ____________
C - Your gas block I/O ____________
D - Muzzle OD ____________

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